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viaMessaging is our advanced SMS and MMS messaging platform, which enables two-way text, picture, audio and video messages to be sent and received from consumers around the world.


We can deliver 10,000 msg/sec. payvia has higher throughput than the competition and is directly connected to every major carrier in the US. We're the fastest and most reliable messaging aggregator.


We make sure all of your messages are sent immediately and delivered on time. Our direct relationships with carriers eliminate any added roadblocks that could delay your messaging campaigns.


With viaMessaging, brands can leverage SMS and MMS messaging to increase consumer engagement, awareness and brand loyalty, as well as drive actions and maximize customer lifetime value.

Short Code Management

We can help you find the perfect short code and get it up and running as fast as possible. Our dedicated campaign strategists are experts in MMA & CTIA guidelines and will get your campaigns approved by carriers quickly. They can even help grow your mobile subscriber database.

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payvia short code migration service

Migration Services

If you’re unhappy with your current messaging aggregator, or need to transition your short codes for any reason, we offer a platform to make the migration process as seamless as possible, with no downtime or interruption in service.

Mobile Coupons

Use our viaMessaging MMS / SMS marketing software to leverage the power of your mobile database by driving sales and a higher ROI with mobile coupons. When brands offer coupons via mass text messaging, they typically see a 3-5x higher redemption rate compared to mail, email, and other couponing channels.

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Text Alerts

Our mass text messaging API lets your customers and fans subscribe to mobile text message alerts for news, weather, sports scores, and more. No need for apps or data plans, anyone with a mobile phone can receive text message alerts.


Give your customers the multimedia experience they deserve and send MMS videos, pictures, and audio along with text descriptions of products, shows, movies, and events. SMS / MMS can be used for any type of information or sizzle reel.

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Mobile Sweepstakes

With our MMS marketing software, advertisers can promote contests to subscribers, as well as receive contest entries from mobile users. Whether it is a radio station contest 'text in to win,' or a brand advertising a major promotional giveaway, SMS / MMS text messaging allows immediate participation and the opportunity for advertisers and brands to send back a high-quality video or image of the promotion.

MMS AdStitch

AdStitch is a customer-friendly platform designed to streamline the process of combining video advertisements and MMS messages, generating mobile messaging advertising revenue with a few simple clicks. Mobile marketers now have the opportunity to generate additional revenue by branding mobile messages with featured advertisers pre- or post roll clip or image. Users can automatically “stitch” ads to all campaigns or customize your ad by campaign with our “Do-it-Yourself” solution and simple set-up.

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mobile database scrubbing and compliance

Database Scrubbing

It’s very important to keep your mobile database compliant with recent TCPA rules effective October 16, 2013. Our database scrubbing service helps you manage deactivated subscribers to ensure that your mass text messaging is only being sent to opted-in users.

24hr NOC Support

You're in good hands. We offer highly responsive, ‘round the clock client services. From Sales, Account Management, to Technical, you can always get a hold of our team.

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