Two New Mobile APIs and DeveloperWeek LA

payvia CTO Alek Zdziarski was invited to speak on a panel about mobile payments at last week’s API World. Using mobile payments for monetizing is a hot topic for developers right now but a lot of people don’t realize that an incredible 97% of transactions get abandoned on mobile devices because of the frustrating experience of completing… Read More »

Four Steps to Drive Holiday Sales with Mobile

The countdown to the holidays has begun in earnest and this year the opportunity for retailers is bigger than ever. Projected sales will be up 15 percent on last year, at $68 billion, and the proportion of sales made on a mobile device is expected to exceed last year’s figure of 20 percent. Introducing mobile… Read More »

The Future of Microsoft’s Recent Acquisition of Nokia’s Handest Business

Like a lot of people, we’ve been closely following the news of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile handset business. But while many have talked about the loss of value that saw the once mighty Nokia acquired for less than what Microsoft paid for Skype, what interests us is the potential value the deal could create… Read More »

Long Codes vs Short Codes – which is best for your mobile marketing campaign?

If the headline of this article grabbed your attention then it’s likely that you have attempted, or are attempting, to understand whether an SMS long code or short code is the better choice for your mobile marketing campaign.  The truth is, while each has its advantages and disadvantages, you should choose the one that best… Read More »

Growing Mobile Carrier Average Revenue Per User

A report this month from the GSMA has predicted an increasingly tough few years ahead for mobile carriers, with global revenues dropping 16% by 2017. With US subscriber penetration now at 70%, text message volumes declining for the first time and voice revenues continuing to fall, many believe the era of the ‘dumb pipe carrier’… Read More »

Mobile Commerce Sales Double in a Year – we aren’t surprised

New research from Cap Gemini has found that 23.2 per cent of online sales came from mobile devices in Q2. That’s double the figure for last year. This is exciting news for the mobile industry and brands alike as it’s proof that consumers are becoming more confident in using their mobile devices as a shopping… Read More »

Has the Tide Shifted? Court Rules in Favor of Marketers Embedding Links in Text Messages

Yesterday, one major obstacle hindering growth in the text messaging medium may have been weakened and could enable the brand world and small businesses everywhere to embrace mobile messaging like never before. Last night, a major ruling was given in favor of several large brand marketers using text messaging, including CBS and The New York… Read More »

We’ve acquired Mogreet – The future of mobile is here!

I’m delighted to share the news that today we completed our strategic acquisition of Mogreet, a unique and innovative mobile marketing company. This is a significant new chapter in payvia’s story but before I explain why it is great news for our customers, our team and the mobile ecosystem I’d like to talk about what… Read More »

Direct Carrier Billing: Giving CSPs a Share of the Mobile Payments

If you ask a group of 4 random people what the definition of “Mobile Payments” is, you’d likely get that many answers. Why? Because The Mobile Payments market is very broad. To some, it’s NFC, to others is virtual wallets, card readers, and to others its Direct Carrier Billing, among a few other things. What… Read More »

Skype Goes Live with MACH and payvia Operator Billing

We told you there were many great things in store for 2013… Have you heard the news? MACH, the world leader in direct operator billing, today announced that Skype now supports a new mobile payment option for Skype Credit in Russia, and soon the U.S. and Canada, using its direct operator billing service. With this new payment… Read More »